Sunday, March 6, 2011

Biomimicry - new hope

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Need Smart Chemists - I want to get rid of Flatulence in Public restrooms

Sourced from wikipedia:

The gas released during a flatus event frequently has an unpleasant odor. For many years, this was thought to be due to skatole and indole, which are byproducts of the digestion ofmeat. However, gas chromatography testing in 1984 revealed that sulfur-containing compounds, such as methanethiolhydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and dimethyl sulfide, were also[2] responsible for the smell.[3]

Can someone create some chemical which can absorb these unpleasant gases(I know there has been some patent around charcoal) or do reactions to create pleasant smells?

Smartphone Meeting App for Jetsetters

Remembering meeting pass codes and entering them one by one is so pain! Why can't smartphones be integrated  with email systems so that as soon as I tap the invite it connects me to the meeting(entering the pass code happens in the background automatically) as well as opens up the sharing window in the browser or in a app.

Specially useful for Microsoft Livemeeting, WebEx or GotoMeeting. Any smartphones iPhone, Android, RIM should offer this.