Saturday, January 31, 2009

Become a Brand

Christin Dior, Prada, Gucci, Rolex, Apple, BMW, Orient Express: All of these are extraordinary brands, famous for their premium products and services. Many of us do not have financial capacity to avail these brands, but we all dream of using these products and services one day. What makes them special? What helps them to charge 100% or more premium pricing for their products and services? It is their goodwill of supreme quality. They are never value players. They are never cheap yet very useful(WalMart or COSTCO). They are enormously costly but enviously wanted. They are made for class differentiation. They are made for page-3 discussion. Only the super-rich can afford show-off their wealth with these products. And that makes them special.

There are many people who work like dogs to become that kind of wealthy. Many of the times they even don't love what they do. They just slaze in office just to live better in the future. Unfortunately some of them they never think that they have earned enough money and they can now lead a good life. At that time they become greedy money making machine. Worst, they even take loans to buy these costly designer products and to repay these huge loans they need to continue to do the same monotonus hardwork which they don't enjoy.

I have a better solution for these people. You must be extremely good in some area. You need to recognize that special profession which makes you tick. How you can do that? Easy, just experiment and listen to your heart. You will surely find a profession that you love and once found just stick to your core genious. You can be rich and famous only by doing things which you love. Because to be successful you need to work hard; work hard long time; and that effort can only be sustainable if you love the job. Once you do the job you love, you will become successful and create a brand of your own. For example you love cooking. Just stick to your love and you can become a famous chef one day. That can make you the brand ambassador of one of your loved product which you wanted to own for so long.

So dream big, work hard and smart by choosing the job which you do best and never think short term. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of the last item. Never do things which you don't love but gives you easy money or buy things beyond your capacity and waste the rest of your life in paying the debt.

Become a brand for yourself by your own inner qualities and don't try to become a brand by buying other famous brands.

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Venu Madhav Tammali said...

I think what makes them class apart is their quality .Each one of the companies you listed produces the goods which are the best in their category.
But again being the best and
commanding the best price comes with a tag ; None of the companies are market leaders in the segment.

So it always boils down to choice what makes you happy being the market leader or being the biggest brand ?

Of all the brands you have listed i espescially like the apple because i think it has the unique advantage ( if it coins the right pricing strategy ) to be both market leader and biggest brand .