Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Intelligent Cell Phone

I am not a Mobile Technology guy. But I have this idea which can solve lot of problems for busy executives.
Problem Statement:
1. If we are using calling card to make international calls we need to call a 1-800 number and once connected we need to type our registration number and password to make the calls. This is problematic for the users as they have to remember those data or type it every time.
2. For Virtual online meetings also executives need to make call to one 1-800 number and then enter meeting ID and passcode.
The mobile phone should have facility to save the numbers (registered number and passcode etc.) associated with such numbers (1-800 number) and once connected should automatically type those numbers. In this case the user can enter the data once and for all and he can be free from remembering this data in future calls. This solution should have fantastic CBA numbers as the users will have a premium experience with their smart mobile device.


Venu Madhav Tammali said...

One major problem i could foresee with your solution is the lack of security. Any person can make international calls in your account if you donot have a passcode to protect it.I agree we can simplify the passcode technique but we cannot completely remove the passcode technique.

Abhisek said...

Cell phone is expected to be a private phone and it can be misused only if it is lost. We always have that risk but I believe risk-return payoff is higher in this case. The risk is someone will join a meeting or make some calls.I don't think we have huge loss at stake.