Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recession effect:Increase in crime rate

The USA can see huge increase in crime rate and deterioration of public safety system in near term. People are loosing jobs at aceelerated rate, media is creating a panicky and hopeless picture of the economy and investors loosing their wealth through decreasing home and equity prices:all of these creating an enormous amount of frustration. People are angry and frustrated and this frustration can turn into violence and mass disobediyence of law and order.

At the same time budget cuts have forced the Federal and state goverments to reduce security measures including number of police per capita. This creates another threat to the overall security.

The USA has another problem for people safety. People here can legally keep guns and I believe this creates another vulnarability for the angry and frustrated society.

Tough Problems need tough solutions:

I propose few solutions which may not be acceptable to typical US culture but can help to solve these problems:

  1. Ban the personal use of guns.
  2. Use food for work program to increase the number of police and security officers per capita. This way you can reduce the frstration of a few unemployed people and at the same time increase homeland security.

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Kumarika said...

Will that happen soon? I mean people's anger and frustration turning into violence...

I do feel so every morning while I leave for office and see those people in front of TRCN holding the banner... I feel its imminent. But I find them very peaceful.

Definitely, if US had any 'Maharashtra Navnirman Sena' kind-of organization, a riotous situation would have started the day the first round of lay-offs for recession started.

Hope that doesn't happen and situation betters soon.