Saturday, April 2, 2011

A new beautiful world

Problem Statement:

Aristotle said,"Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction".We all want to look good,to be more successful in career,sex life and personal life.But unfortunately most of the people in the world do not know have the aesthetic sense to work on their personal beauty. For a few quick makeovers they can look much more beautiful. But they are not aware of this. They also do not have enough resources(time,money,availibility of trained people etc.)to take help of professionals.

Opportunity Statement:

1. We should work on making the people of the world more beautiful. It is frustrating for eyes to see so many ugly looking people around us.We can not make all of them Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie with these changes. But surely they can look much better with few small changes.

2. This will revolutionize the Healhcare/beautycare/cosmetic industry by democratizing opportunities and making resources available to all of them. Considering the size of this industry market potential is huge.

Product/Solution Details with Implementation Ideas:

1.Two part:Hardware and Software Implementation. Whenever a customer wants to consume this service he will be first scanned using some Camera and scanning machines for their present body structure,Face Details,shape,Hairstyle etc. In short first activity is to scan the body with preplanned views to get a detailed data of his/her present body status. We may also add few standard questionare to understand his/her food habit,lifestyle data,ethenic background etc.

2. Next we need to analyze the data, check with an existing database and recommend solution to the customer.Let me detail down the concept of this history database. This will be a huge database with the physical data of people having a higher beauty quotent than a trigger point. The database can be started with the data from celebrity beauty data(famous actors/models/dancers etc. from different ethenic class)and then more data can be added to that database.Whenever a consumer uses this service his/her after makeover data will be stored in the database. Any new consumer can refer to those data and rank them in a scale of 1 to 10. Any person having an average score(say after 20 rating is done) of say 8.5(higher beauty quotent than a trigger point) should be set as a standard beauty and will be referenced for suggesting makeover solution to the new customers. To create the history database we can also take help of creative people like artists,makeup artists,fashion designers etc. They can suggest their dream beauties for different ethenic classess.

3.Once the scan and data reference from the history database is done the customer will be shown the result in the increasing order of difficulty of attaining those states(considering time,money,ease of changes etc.).For example it is easier to change your hairstyle or remove your mustach than to reduce your bodyweight by 30lbs. The customer will also have tools to simulate their own looks by customizing the suggested looks obtained from the software(we should not have typecasted profiles in the world,beauty lies in the variety). Once the customer finalizes his/her dream look he/she will be given action item recomendations to achive that look(example, dietary changes,cosmetic procedures,lifestyle changes,increasing exercises etc.).

3. This service can be sold using a franchise model or web service model. In franchise model you sell the product/solution to francises who will have their own beauty centers all over the world. Also it may be easier to make this a web based service where the customer reach will be more than franchise model. An Web camera can be used to do the scanning and the rest of the computation process can be done from the centralized servers.Revenue generation should be subscription based and to attarct largest amount of customers this fee should be set as low as possible(if I can not save on the price and time why should I use this service,I can take help of beauty professionals).Another USP of this offerred service is to create simulated looks which can not be done in a standard parlour.

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