Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Time calorie and Nutrient Counter

We need an instrument which can measure calorie and Nutrient intake from food real time and suggest diet against the target numbers. We should also have an instrument which will measure calorie consumption from each and every activities, walking, breathing, seating, running in gym etc. When someone can see the In-n-Out numbers in Real time Dieting will be so easy.

Think about it. I start with a heavy breakfast and as soon as I have take the food the instrument in my stomach ticks and alerts that I have 500 calorie. Now I go to office and do some work. Before the lunch I see that I have consumed around 400 calorie. In the Lunch I take some salad and the instrument in my stomach reads 400 calorie. Also it reads that I have consumed x ml sodium, y ml of Vitamin A etc. when I go to diner it will suggest that I should take some 200 calorie dinner and also x ml of zinc and y ml of Vitamin C. Based on these numbers and also my diet targets and preferences it will suggest that I should take some Hawaiian Delight and go to bed!

Nice, huh?

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