Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where should I park my car?

I am not sure if somebody has already thought about it(I could not find any patents). It is a pain to just move around searching for a parking place in a big parking area(I feel whenever I enter office late).

Why can't we have a Imaging/Recognition system which can scan and inform motorists of any parking space in a big parking area? I can just check and go straight to park my car?

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Indianrose said...

Well this has been well thought of and technology been already out there for quite a while. In MLCPs (Multi-Level Car Parks) they have Centralized display of vacant spaces at MLCP entry as well at each Level. And if you are using the same car everyday which is RFID Tagged, you have a space booked for you which you can as well make available to others the days you are on leave. Welcome to Smart Connected Buildings - this and more under experiment in DNO (Dynamic Networked Organization).